CarOffer is the industry's first dealer-to-dealer trade network for used vehicles


Join the Buying Matrix and pre-order used cars at the exact price and options you desire.


Get instant offers from the biggest buyers in the country at the point of appraisal.


Insure your purchases for up to 45 days with OfferGuard. 

Exclusive Benefits

CarGurus and CarOffer customers can access these exclusive benefits to help fuel their pre-owned pipeline. To learn about more exclusive benefits, please complete the form. 

First Access to CarGurus Shopper Inventory


Dealers can acquire inventory from CarGurus shoppers who are looking to sell directly through the CarGurus Sell My Car page.*

CarGurus and CarOffer customers will receive first access to vehicles from local shoppers.

*This program is currently rolling out and we'll let you know when we expand to your area. 

Free Access to CarOffer ConsumerLane**


Drive leads and trade-ins on your dealer website with ConsumerLane.

With ConsumerLane, your dealership can provide shoppers with the highest offer listed in the CarOffer platform and offer higher trade-in values to win sales all from your dealer website. 

**CarOffer will waive dealer fees of $25 per qualified lead (up to $899 per month) for the rest of the sign-up month and two calendar months, until December 31, 2021. A qualified lead is a lead with contact information, trade-in vehicle information, and a trade-in valuation submitted via the Trade-In Tool. Offer will be available to add to dealer websites until December 1, 2021. All free trials expire December 31, 2021 even if it is below the two months described above, or if the dealer cancels CarOffer products. This offer is only available for CarGurus customers who are enrolled in CarOffer. Additional eligibility requirements apply.‚Äč 

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