Getting the full picture on CarGurus leads—with Google Analytics

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on August 29, 2017

Most marketers will tell you that last-touch attribution—the most common way to measure marketing effectiveness—isn't perfect. There are many steps along the customer journey, and shoppers can interact with your brand, content, and marketing materials dozens of times before making a purchase. But last touch gets used anyway, because it's better than nothing and much easier to implement than more nuanced models.

In his post Inspect CarGurus Referral Traffic in GA, Brian Pasch at PCG Companies lays out the case for why a more comprehensive view of lead attribution is important, and uses CarGurus as his example. 

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Survey says: car buyers moving faster, doing more research online

Posted by Jeremy Sacco on August 8, 2017

Digital marketing provider Netsertive released a study last week that confirmed several trends in car shopper behavior: 

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The Power of the CarGurus Pricing Tool

Posted by Ben Foster on April 4, 2017

You may have heard about CarGurus' new Dealer Resource Center - it features informative content to help you improve your sales and marketing, as well as tips and tricks for getting the most from your CarGurus account.

In the "tips" category is our latest video, which explains how you can use the CarGurus Pricing Tool to price your vehicles more efficiently.

What can the pricing tool do?

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The CarGurus Dealer Resource Center Is Live!

Posted by Ben Foster on February 22, 2017

We’re thrilled to announce that our new dealer information portal – the Dealer Resource Center – is live at!

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Today's Auto Shopper and the Affordability Question

Posted by Ben Foster on February 9, 2017

We saw considerable strength in the auto market in 2016. Helped by record-breaking new-car sales, the OEMs generated billions of dollars in profit.

Yet these impressive figures mask the reality of auto retail at the dawn of 2017. Not only did new-vehicle incentives grow as 2016 wore on, but shoppers bought more certified pre-owned vehicles – and used vehicles – than ever before.

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Surging Popularity of Crossovers Reflected in CarGurus Lead Data

Posted by Ben Foster on December 19, 2016

Perhaps you've heard that crossovers - Honda CR-Vs, Ford Escapes, Chevrolet Equinoxes, et al. - are now the nation's most popular new-vehicle segment.

Turns out, their popularity extends to the used market, too.

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What's Hot on the CarGurus Consumer Blog: November 2016

Posted by Ben Foster on December 5, 2016

CarGurus' consumer blog,, serves tens of thousands of auto shoppers every month with reviews, auto-show reveals, and lots more.

Here's what CarGurus users were most interested in during the month of November.

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3 Ways to Respond to the New-Car Sales Slowdown

Posted by Ben Foster on October 13, 2016

As you may have heard, sales growth in the new-car market is slowing. There's a general consensus in the industry that new-car sales will plateau this year or next.

A number of factors are to blame.

First, the recession severely depressed the auto market. Sales surged in the last few years as consumers began buying again, but now things are returning to normalcy.

Second, people are keeping their cars longer - a side effect of improved build quality.

And while today's drivers continue to replace their cars, fewer young people are getting their licenses. Plus, the Millennial generation is burdened with billions of dollars of student loan debt. Millennials are delaying big purchases like homes and cars as a result.

As the new car market softens, how can you take advantage and even grow your sales in a challenging market environment?

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Warren Henry Auto Group Boosts Its Close Rate With CarGurus

Posted by Ben Foster on September 26, 2016

South Florida's car market is red-hot. Our own data shows that the number of CarGurus users in the Miami area has more than doubled in the past year.

Warren Henry Auto Group is well-positioned to take advantage of this growth, with 6 dealerships in South Florida - including Broward County's first Lamborghini store.

So how is Warren Henry capitalizing on market trends to win more sales?

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Reputation Management Tips and Tricks (In 2 Minutes)

Posted by Ben Foster on September 14, 2016

When 92% of consumers read local-business reviews on the web - and auto dealers get more reviews than any other category of local business - how you manage your online reputation really matters

After all, today's car shopper spends a lot more time online than inside dealerships. Odds are, most of your customers have read what people are saying about you online before they set foot in your store.

But we're here to help! We'd like to help you get better at handling reviews, closing the loop on customer-satisfaction issues, and growing your positive-review count.

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