Are you offering one or more of these contactless service options to buyers?

  • Virtual appointments - Schedule a virtual meeting with this dealer and get a video tour of this car.
  • Click & Collect -Select the car you want and complete your transaction completely online. Pay or finance this car completely remotely—either by phone or email. Paperwork will be delivered to you.
  • Home delivery- Ready to buy? Sit back and let the dealership bring your car to you.
Unless prohibited by applicable rules or regulations. Remember that local regulations for home test drives and home delivery may differ by location.
Example of contactless services on SRPs

SRP Contactless Services

  • The search results page filter shows 5 contactless service options that buyers can choose from
  • Your stock will show in buyer results for contactless services that your dealership offers

VDP Contactless Services

  • Your dealership's contactless services are also highlighted on your vehicle detail pages
  • Buyers will clearly see the options available when viewing vehicles they are interested in

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